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Regulation of mRNA expression of matrix extracellular phosphoglycoprotein (MEPE)/ osteoblast/osteocyte factor 45 (OF45) by fibroblast growth factor 2 in cultures of rat bone marrow-derived osteoblastic cells.

Matrix extracellular phosphoglycoprotein (MEPE)/ osteoblast/osteocyte factor 45 (OF45) is a recently isolated RGD-containing matrix protein that acts as the tumor-derived phosphaturic factor in oncogenic hypophosphatemic osteomalacia. It is also highly expressed by osteoblasts and osteocytes. We examined the regulation of MEPE/OF45 mRNA expression in osteoblastic cells derived from high-density cultures of primary rat bone marrow stromal cells incubated with dexamethasone, beta-glycerophosphate, and ascorbic acid. The level of MEPE/OF45 mRNA in these cells was down-regulated by the addition of fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) for 48 h. These effects were observed in a dose-dependent manner between 2 and 10 ng/mL. FGF2 also reduced the expression of osteocalcin mRNA in these cells. In contrast, bone sialoprotein mRNA expression was increased by FGF2, while alpha1(I) procollagen mRNA expression was not altered. Additionally, neither Runx2 and osterix mRNA expression nor cell proliferation were affected by the addition of FGF2 in these high-density cultures, indicating that regulation by FGF2 may not be dependent on these transcription factors or on the proliferation of cells. Experiments using actinomycin D indicated that FGF2 decreased the stability of the MEPE/OF45 mRNA. Moreover, inhibition of a specific mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK)/extracellular signal- regulated kinase kinase (MEK) by PD98059 blocked FGF2-regulated MEPE/OF45 expressions, indicating that this regulation requires the MAPK pathway. These results suggest that MEPE/OF45 gene is one of the targets of FGF2 and may play an important role during bone formation and calcification.[1]


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