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Transcription factor sterol regulatory element binding protein 2 regulates scavenger receptor Cla-1 gene expression.

OBJECTIVE: The human scavenger receptor class B type I (Cla-1) plays a key role in cellular cholesterol movement in facilitating transport of cholesterol between cells and lipoproteins. Indirect evidence has suggested that Cla-1 gene expression is under the feedback control of cellular cholesterol content. To define the molecular mechanisms underlying such putative regulation, we evaluated whether Cla-1 is a target gene of the sterol regulatory element binding protein (SREBP) transcription factor family. METHODS AND RESULTS: Transient transfections demonstrated that SREBP factors induce Cla-1 promoter activity and that SREBP-2 is a more potent inducer than the SREBP-1a isoform. The 5'-deletion analysis of 3 kb of the 5'-flanking sequence of the Cla-1 gene, combined with site-directed mutagenesis and electrophoretic mobility shift assay, allowed identification of a unique sterol responsive element. SREBP- mediated Cla-1 regulation was confirmed in stably transfected human embryonic kidney 293 cells expressing the active form of SREBP-2 at incremental levels. In these cell lines, Cla-1 mRNA and protein levels were increased in direct proportion to the level of SREBP-2 expression. CONCLUSIONS: These findings provide evidence that SREBP-2, a key regulator of cellular cholesterol uptake through modulation of the expression of the low-density lipoprotein receptor gene, may influence cellular cholesterol homeostasis via regulation of Cla-1 gene expression.[1]


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