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Cloning and characterization of a novel human Aurora C splicing variant.

In the last 10 years, Aurora kinases have emerged as the key proteins regulating many events during cell mitosis. Despite the wealth of studies on human Aurora A and B, little is known about human Aurora C. Here we report a novel splicing variant of Aurora C, named as Aurora C-SV (Aurora C splicing variant), which encodes a 290-amino-acid protein. By RT-PCR analysis in various tissues, Aurora C-SV, like Aurora C, was found to be expressed at the highest level in human testis. The in vitro kinase assay showed that this Aurora C-SV phosphorylated MBP, and its T179A mutant lost the kinase activity. During cell mitosis, Aurora C-SV-EGFP associated with chromosomes in prophase and metaphase, and then transferred to the central spindle midzone and the cortex where the contract ring formed during the transition from anaphase to telophase. It then remained in the midbody during cytokinesis. Therefore, we speculated that Aurora C-SV might also contribute to the regulation of chromosome segregation and cytokinesis.[1]


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