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The distribution of sensory fibers immunoreactive for the TRPV1 (capsaicin) receptor in the human prostate.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the distribution of sensory fibers immunoreactive to the pain receptor TRPV1 in the human prostate. METHODS: Eight prostates were harvested from cadaver transplant donors and immediately immersion fixed. Longitudinal and transverse 20 microm sections were cut on a cryostat and immunoreacted with two anti-human TPRV1 antibodies. RESULTS: TRPV1-immunoreactive nerve fibers were distributed throughout the prostatic urethral mucosa, verumontanum, ejaculatory ducts and periurethral prostatic acini. In the urethral mucosa, TRPV1-immunoreactive fibers penetrated the epithelial layer up to its surface. In the transitional and peripheral zones of the gland no TRPV1-immunoreactive nerve fibers were detected. CONCLUSIONS: The existence of a rich TRPV1 sensory innervation in the human prostate may open new therapeutic perspectives for the treatment of pain in patients with chronic prostatitis (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome).[1]


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