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Characterization of human LNX, a novel ligand of Numb protein X that is downregulated in human gliomas.

Gliomas are major tumors of the central nervous system with a wide spectrum of different tumor types. Ligand of Numb protein X (LNX) is PDZ domain containing protein that interacts with cell fate determinant Numb. cDNA microarray analysis was used to determine the expression of 13,939 genes in a set of 18 gliomas. It showed that human LNX was downregulated in 100% of gliomas including low- and high-grade ones, which was confirmed by Northern blot. In situ hybridization analysis revealed that LNX was lowly expressed in cytoplasm of glioma cells. Thus, LNX might act as a diagnostic marker and a potential therapeutic target for glioma. Two-hybrid screen in yeast was used to identify human LNX interacting proteins important for LNX function. It showed that human LNX interacted with Ski interacting protein (SKIP) via PDZ domains. The co-immunoprecipitation results suggested that LNX interacted with SKIP in HEK293 cells. LNX could affect the subcellular localization of Numb, which indicated that LNX might function as a molecular anchor that localized Numb to the subcellular site of its interaction with Notch. The presence of multiple protein binding domains involved in signal transduction and interaction with Numb and SKIP suggested an important role for LNX in tumorogenesis.[1]


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