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Cytokeratin contents of basal cell carcinoma, epidermis overlying tumour, and associated stromal amyloidosis: an immunohistochemical study.

Cytokeratins (CKs) are expressed specifically in the cytoplasm of epithelial cells. We investigated the expression of CKs immunohistochemically in basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), epidermis overlying tumour, and skin tumor-associated amyloidosis (STA). Twenty cases of BCC, 11 of which had STA were included to the study. The primary antibodies of CK1-8 (AE3), CK10 (DEK-10), CK14 (LL002), CK17 (E3), CK18 (DC10), CK19 (KS19.1), CK 5/6/18 (LP34), CK8/18 (5D3) were applied to the section immunohistochemically. In BCCs without STA, CK1-8, CK14 and CK17 antibodies were expressed by tumour tissue in all biopsy specimens. In the BCCs with STA, tumour tissue was immunoreactive always with CK1-8 and CK17 antibodies, and commonly immunoreactive with anti-CK 14 antibody. In the epidermis overlying tumour tissue, there was positive immunoreactivity with anti-CK 1-8, CK 5/6/18, CK 10 and CK 14 antibodies in all biopsy specimens. Anti-CK 17 antibody was also positive in 17 biopsy specimens. STA is immunoreactive with anti-CK1-8 in all specimens. There was mild staining with anti-CK5/6/18 and with anti-CK19 whereas no immunoreactivity with anti-CK10 and CK18 antibodies was found. In conclusion, we could not find a significant CK expression difference between BCCs with and without STA. Weak positivity and a few number of CKs were shown in STA when compared with those of BCC and epidermis overlying tumour tissue expressing the more variable CKs. Interestingly, although CKs coexpressed in pairs consisting of one basic and one acidic CK, we detected predominantly basic CKs in STA.[1]


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