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Paradoxical cerebral embolism in a patient with Paget-Schroetter syndrome.

A 28-year-old man presented with transient speech disturbance and right hemiplegia. Computed tomography of the brain revealed a low-density area in the right cerebellum. A ventilation/perfusion lung scintiscan detected multiple perfusion defects in the both lungs and catheterization revealed pulmonary hypertension. Venography of the upper extremities revealed obstruction of the left subclavian vein. Furthermore, Doppler echocardiography revealed a right-to-left shunt via a patent foramen ovale. Those examinations demonstrated paradoxical cerebral embolism caused by Paget-Schroetter syndrome, which is a rare complication of the disorder. We hypothesize that the source of thrombi was the left subclavian vein and surgery was needed to prevent further thromboembolic events. At surgery, the upper half of the sternum was incised in the midline, and the left brachiocephalic vein was ligated. No thromboembolic episodes have occurred postoperatively.[1]


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