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Subclavian Vein

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Disease relevance of Subclavian Vein


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Chemical compound and disease context of Subclavian Vein


Biological context of Subclavian Vein

  • Blood samples from different sampling sites including the aorta, the infra- and suprarenal portion of the inferior vena cava, the superior vena cava, the femoral and subclavian veins, and the right and left ventricles were examined for morphine, morphine-3-glucuronide and morphine-6-glucuronide, hematocrit and water content [12].

Anatomical context of Subclavian Vein


Associations of Subclavian Vein with chemical compounds

  • During an 18-month period, 82 consecutive patients (37 women and 45 men), with a mean age of 50 yr (range 15 to 74), underwent hemodialysis with 91 polyurethane double-lumen subclavian superior vena cava catheters inserted via the right subclavian vein [18].
  • A single type of port was used, constructed from titanium and silicone rubber, connected to a 7.8 F polyurethane catheter (Port-A-Cath; SIMS Deltec, Inc., St Paul, MN, USA) inserted into the subclavian vein [19].
  • Femoral and subclavian vein blood flow and gases were determined during skiing on a treadmill at approximately 76% maximal O2 uptake (V(O2)max) and at V(O2)max with different techniques: diagonal stride (combined arm and leg exercise), double poling (predominantly arm exercise), and leg skiing (predominantly leg exercise) [20].
  • A totally implantable subcutaneous infusion port was inserted via the left subclavian vein with peel-away sheath in a 45-year-old male patient receiving home parenteral nutrition [21].
  • Thereafter, stepwise infusion of adenosine (30 to 60 micrograms/kg/min into the subclavian vein) was performed [22].

Gene context of Subclavian Vein

  • The use of subclavian vein catheterization for hyperosmolar solutions is the key to TPN [23].
  • INTERVENTIONS: Subclavian vein catheterization was performed either in standard or Doppler-guided fashion using the Smart Needle (Peripheral Systems Group, Mountain View, Calif), which is a Doppler probe at the tip of a cannulating needle [24].
  • Maintaining the head in a normal position with the chin midline without a shoulder roll optimizes subclavian vein size [25].
  • Total occlusion of the left subclavian vein was diagnosed in a 76-year-old patient, 6 years after implantation of an ICD with VVI pacing backup [26].
  • CONCLUSION: In children, the recommended maneuvers of turning the head or turning the head and placing a posterior shoulder roll significantly reduce the cross-sectional area of the subclavian vein [25].


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