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Interphase cytogenetics of brain tumors.

The development and application of a procedure for interphase cytogenetics on brain tumor material is described. Nuclei isolated from freshly removed brain tumor tissue were investigated for chromosomal aberrations by nonradioactive in situ hybridization with a panel of chromosome-specific probes. The panel consisted of nine satellite DNA probes specific for the centromeric regions of chromosomes 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 17, 18, X, and Y. For each probe, the number of hybridization signals per cell was determined in 200 nuclei. It was inferred from the hybridization results that in 11 gliomas (seven astrocytomas grade II-IV, three oligodendrogliomas, and one ependymoma) the numerical aberrations were gains of chromosomes 1 (once), 7 (twice), 10 (once), 11 (twice), and X (twice); losses of chromosomes 1 (once), 10 (twice), 17 (twice), and Y (once); and complete tetraploidy (once). Among the 18 investigated meningiomas monosomy 18 and trisomy 17 were observed once and twice, respectively. An additional hybridization with a cosmid probe for the BCR gene on 22q11 indicated monosomy 22q in 11 meningiomas. These results show the value of interphase cytogenetics for the analysis of solid tumors for which it is relatively difficult to obtain sufficient metaphases of good quality for conventional cytogenetics.[1]


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