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Molecular Cloning of a Novel Gene ZAhi-1 and its Expression Analysis during Zebrafish Gametogenesis.

Proto-oncogen Ahi-1 is closely related to a lot of human and mouse diseases. Ahi-1 mutation will lead to leukemia in mice and Joubert syndrome in human beings. We have cloned the full cDNA sequence of Ahi-1 homologous in zebrafish, and RT-PCR results of ZAhi-1 in different tissues reveal that ZAhi-1 expressed highest in the mature gonad. In situ hybridization results of zebrafish gonad show that ZAhi-1 only expressed in the early stages' gamete cells. RT-PCR analyses of mouse Ahi-1 in different stages of spermatogenesis have been done according to the published Ahi-1 sequence, and the findings reveal that Ahi-1 is expressed in gamete of pachytene stage. It can then be safely concluded that Ahi-1 might take place in the spermatocyte from the early pachytene stage to the late pachytene stage.[1]


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