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The RpoT Regulon of Pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E and Its Role in Stress Endurance against Solvents.

Pseudomonas putida encodes 20 extracytoplasmic sigma factors (ECFs). In this study, we show that one of these ECFs, known as ECF-Pp12 (PP3006), plays a role in tolerance of toluene and other organic solvents. Based on this finding, we have called the gene that encodes this new ECF rpoT. The rpoT gene forms an operon with the preceding gene and with the gene located downstream. The translated gene product of the open reading frame PP3005 is an inner membrane protein, whereas the PP3007 protein is periplasmic. A nonpolar DeltarpoT mutant was generated by homologous recombination, and survival of the mutant was tested under various stress conditions. The mutant strain was hypersensitive to toluene and other solvents but just as tolerant as the wild type of stress imposed by heat, antibiotics, NaCl, paraquat, sodium dodecyl sulfate, H(2)O(2), and benzoate. In the DeltarpoT mutant background, expression of around 50 transcriptional units was affected: 31 cistrons were upregulated, and 23 cistrons were downregulated. This indicates that about 1% of all P. putida genes are under the direct or indirect influence of RpoT. The rpoT gene controls the expression of a number of membrane proteins, including components of the respiratory chains, porins, transporters, and multidrug efflux pumps. Hypersensitivity of the P. putida RpoT-deficient mutant to organic solvents can be attributed to the fact that in the DeltarpoT strain, expression of the toluene efflux pump ttgGHI genes is severalfold lower than in the parental strain.[1]


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