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Gene expression profiling of bovine skeletal muscle in response to and during recovery from chronic and severe undernutrition.

Gene expression profiles of LM from beef cattle that underwent significant postweaning undernutrition were studied using complementary DNA (cDNA) microarrays. After 114 d of undernutrition, the RNA from LM showed 2- to 6-fold less expression of many genes from the classes of muscle structural proteins, muscle metabolic enzymes, and extracellular matrix compared with animals on a rapid growth diet. The expression levels of these genes had mostly returned to pretreatment levels after 84 d of realimentation. The gene expression changes associated with undernutrition and BW loss showed an emphasis on downregulation of gene expression specific to fast-twitch fibers, typical of starving mammals, with a preferential atrophy of glycolytic fast-twitch fibers. We also identified a small group of genes that showed 2- to 5-fold elevated expression in LM after 114 d of undernutrition. Putative roles for these genes in atrophying skeletal muscle are regulation of myogenic differentiation (CSRP3), maintenance of mesenchymal stem cells (CYR61), modulation of membrane function (TM4SF2), prevention of oxidative damage (SESN1), and regulation of muscle protein degradation (SQSTM1). A significant increase in stearoyl-CoA desaturase ( SCD) gene expression was observed in atrophying muscle, suggesting either that increased fatty acid synthesis is part of the tissue response to caloric restriction, or that SCD plays another role in energy metabolism in the mixed cellular environment of bovine skeletal muscle.[1]


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