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LIM-only protein, CRP2, switched on smooth muscle gene activity in adult cardiac myocytes.

Smooth muscle alpha-actin gene activity appears in promyocardial cells well before cardiac myocyte differentiation and is down-regulated during the onset of rhythmic contractility and cardiac morphogenesis. The levels of LIM-only CRP2 correlated well with smooth muscle gene activity. Cardiomyocyte-specific expression of CRP2 in transgenic mice showed robust expression of smooth muscle cell-specific transcripts and protein filaments in the adult heart. Protein transduction of a recombinant CRP2 protein, fused to the protein transduction domain of HIV, into neonatal heart cells induced de novo synthesis of smooth muscle cell-specific transcripts and proteins. The LIM zinc fingers in CRP2 were found to collaborate with Brg1 of the SNF/SWI complexes, recruited serum response factor, and remodeled smooth muscle target gene chromatin through histone acetylation. CRP2 may have a cytoskeletal role, but as a nuclear protein, CRP2 acted as a potent transcription coadaptor that remodeled silent cardiac myocyte chromatin and directed serum response factor-dependent smooth muscle gene activity.[1]


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