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The Arabidopsis functional homolog of the p34cdc2 protein kinase.

The p34cdc2 protein kinase is a key component of the eukaryotic cell cycle, which is required for G1 to S-phase transition and for entry into mitosis. Using a 380-base pair DNA fragment obtained by polymerase chain reaction amplification from an Arabidopsis thaliana flower cDNA library as a probe, we isolated and sequenced a cdc2-homologous cDNA from Arabidopsis. The encoded polypeptide has extensive homology with cdc2-like kinases. Furthermore, when expressed in a CDC28ts Saccharomyces strain, it partially restores the capacity to grow at 36 degrees C, indicating that the plant cDNA is a functional homolog of the p34cdc2 kinase. Genomic hybridization demonstrated that there is one copy of the cdc2 gene per Arabidopsis haploid genome. Using RNA gel blot analysis, we found that cdc2 mRNA is present in all plant organs.[1]


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