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Synthesis and characterization of protein and polylysine conjugates of sulfamethoxazole and sulfanilic acid for investigation of sulfonamide drug allergy.

Conjugates of sulfamethoxazole (SMX) with human serum albumin (HSA), transferrin ( TR), and poly(L-lysine) (PL, degrees of polymerization 16 and 430) have been prepared. As a model, succinylSMX-glycine methyl ester was synthesized by carbodiimide and active ester routes. The proteins and PL were acylated with succinylSMX succinimido ester, affording conjugates (succinylSMX)2-21-HSA, (succinylSMX)17,27- TR, (succinylSMX)11-Lys16, and (succinylSMX)71-Lys430 in which SMX was linked by a spacer chain of four carbons. This represents substitution of up to 35, 46, 65, and 17% of the amino groups of HSA, TR, PL16, and PL430, respectively. HSA was also acylated with the succinimido esters of succinylSMX-glycine and succinylSMX-epsilon-aminohexanoic acid, affording conjugates (succinylSMX-Gly)53-HSA and (succinylSMX-epsilon-NH2hex)51-HSA. In these conjugates SMX was linked by a spacer chain of 7 and 11 carbons, respectively, and almost all the amino groups of HSA were substituted. Factors apparently influencing the extent of conjugation to HSA were the stability of the active ester and the solubility of the conjugation reaction mixture. A sulfanilic acid (SA) conjugate, containing 12 mol of ligand/ mol of HSA, was also prepared. The route of synthesis involved acylation of HSA with sulfanilyl fluoride. N-epsilon-Sulfanilyl-L-lysine dihydrochloride, required for quantitation of bound SA, was synthesized by a new route starting from alpha-Boc-L-lysine. Conjugates (sulfanilyl)12-HSA and (succinylSMX)13-HSA, differing in molecular weight from HSA by only 2.6 and 6.5%, were distinguishable from HSA by gel-filtration HPLC, as were the more highly substituted conjugates from their respective unsubstituted materials.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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