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Metabolism of chloronitrobenzenes by isolated rat hepatocytes.

The metabolism of radiolabeled monochloronitrobenzene isomers was compared in isolated hepatocytes and hepatic subcellular fractions from male Fischer-344 rats. 2-Chloronitrobenezene was converted by isolated hepatocytes to 2-chloroaniline, 2-chloroaniline-N-glucuronide, and S-(2-nitrophenyl)glutathione in approximately equal quantities (13-19% of the added substrate in 90 min). The major metabolite formed from 3-chloronitrobenzene by isolated hepatocytes was 3-chloroaniline (31% of the added substrate in 90 min). Smaller amounts of 3-chloroaniline-N-glucuronide and 3-chloroacetanilide were formed (7 and 17% of the added 3-chloronitrobenzene, respectively, in 90 min). 4-Chloronitrobenzene was metabolized to 4-chloroacetanilide, 4-chloroaniline, and S-(4-nitrophenyl)glutathione in approximately equal amounts (10-15% of the added substrate in 90 min). Studies with hepatic microsomes showed that reduction of the chloronitrobenzenes to chloroanilines was inhibited by SKF 525-A, metyrapone, and carbon monoxide, suggesting that cytochrome P-450 played a role in the reaction. Thus, the major difference in the in vitro hepatic metabolism of the three isomers of chloronitrobenzene is the failure of 3-chloronitrobenzene to be converted to a glutathione conjugate.[1]


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