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Simultaneous expression of the Lassa virus N and GPC genes from a single recombinant vaccinia virus.

A new transfer vector was constructed that directs the insertion of two heterologous genes into the vaccinia virus thymidine kinase ( TK) gene during a single recombination event. This vector, pDAVAC2, contains bidirectional vaccinia P7.5 early/late promoter elements and two unique cloning sites. cDNA clones containing the complete coding sequences for the Lassa virus (Josiah strain) nucleoprotein ( N) and glycoprotein ( GPC) genes were inserted into the vaccinia TK gene using this transfer vector. The recombinant virus, V-LSGN-II, expressed proteins in cell culture that appeared to be authentic with respect to electrophoretic mobility, glycosylation, and post-translational cleavage. Indirect immunofluorescence (IFA) of recombinant virus-infected cells demonstrated both the bright granular and diffuse patterns of staining characteristic of the Lassa nucleoprotein and glycoprotein, respectively. Electron-dense inclusion bodies typical of arenavirus-infected cells were observed by electron microscopy in V-LSN and V-LSGN-II-infected cells, but not in V-LSGPC-infected cells. Mice inoculated with V-LSGN-II by intraperitoneal injection developed serum antibodies that reacted with authentic Lassa proteins in immunofluorescence and radioimmune precipitation assays. This recombinant virus represents an additional candidate for a Lassa fever vaccine and demonstrates the feasibility of expressing any two genes of interest in a single recombinant vaccinia virus through the use of the transfer vector pDAVAC2.[1]


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