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Lassa Fever

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Disease relevance of Lassa Fever


High impact information on Lassa Fever


Chemical compound and disease context of Lassa Fever


Gene context of Lassa Fever

  • These data indicate that acute nonfatal Lassa fever is associated with high levels of circulating IL-8 and IP-10 and that low levels or absence of these mediators correlates with a poor outcome [8].
  • The large (L) RNA segment of Lassa fever virus (LAS) encodes a putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp or L protein) [11].
  • The recombinant ELISA was able to clearly distinguish sera from human cases of Lassa fever against a panel of known negative sera of African origin [12].
  • Handling patients with suspected Lassa fever entering Great Britain [13].
  • OBJECTIVES: Lassa fever virus (LAS) is transmitted to man by rodent carriers and is fatal in a third of untreated cases [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lassa Fever

  • These studies in a realistic primate model suggest that the antigen detection ELISA or the IgM capture ELISA described, in which beta-propiolactone-inactivated sera are used, should be useful for the rapid diagnosis of human Lassa fever [15].
  • 5-8% of 434 sera collected in Lassa village, Nigeria, in August 1970 were positive by neutralization test for Lassa fever (LF) virus [16].
  • Regarding future applications to diagnostic assays, the recombinant glycoprotein proved to be an effective substitute for Lassa virus-infected mammalian cells in IFAs and it was able to distinguish sera from several human cases of Lassa fever, against a panel of known negative sera of African origin, in an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) [17].


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