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Increase in the activities of plasma pseudocholinesterase dependent on the blood glucose level and its relation to the hypersensitivity to acetylcholine in striated muscles of KK-CAy mice with diabetes.

Acetylcholinesterase activity and pseudocholinesterase activity were examined in plasma and in striated muscles (whole heart and diaphragm muscles) of diabetic KK-CAy mice. Both activities of acetylcholinesterase in heart muscle and pseudocholinesterase in plasma were significantly increased in diabetic KK-CAy mice compared to pre-diabetic KK-CAy mice. Both acetylcholinesterase and pseudocholinesterase activities in skeletal muscle were not changed by the diabetic state. The increases in activity of plasma pseudocholinesterase was significantly correlated to the increase in blood glucose level in alloxan-, streptozotocin (STZ)-diabetic ddY mice and diabetic KK-CAy mice. The increase was not correlated to the body weight in non-diabetic female-KK-CAy mice. Furthermore, the activity of heart acetylcholinesterase was significantly correlated with the activity of plasma pseudocholinesterase (r = 0.79, P less than 0.01). The activities of acetylcholinesterases in heart muscles from STZ- and alloxan-diabetic ddY mice also tended to increase. The hypersensitivity of the pulse rate to a low dose (1 mg/kg) of acetylcholine was correlated to the activity of plasma pseudocholinesterase (r = -0.51, P less than 0.05). These results demonstrate that the activities of plasma pseudocholinesterase were increased by the diabetic state being associated with the increasing alteration of cardiac sensitivity to acetylcholine in the whole body.[1]


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