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An E mu-v-abl transgene elicits plasmacytomas in concert with an activated myc gene.

To clarify how the v-abl oncogene of Abelson murine leukemia virus contributes to lymphoid tumorigenesis, we introduced the gene linked to an immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer (E mu) into the mouse germline. Although lymphoid development was not detectably affected in young E mu-v-abl mice, three transgenic lines shared a high predisposition to develop clonal plasmacytomas that secreted IgA or IgG. The unexpected absence of pre-B lymphomas suggests that Abelson virus generates such tumors by infecting an early lymphoid progenitor cell that has not yet activated the heavy chain enhancer. Most plasmacytomas bore a rearranged c-myc gene, apparently as a result of spontaneous translocation to the Igh locus. Moreover, progeny of a cross with analogous E mu-myc mice rapidly developed oligoclonal plasmacytomas. Thus, the collusion of v-abl with c-myc is stage specific, efficiently transforming plasma cells but not pre-B cells or B cells.[1]


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