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Molecular characterization of a rat alpha 2B-adrenergic receptor.

Alpha 2-adrenergic receptors comprise a heterogeneous population based on pharmacologic and molecular evidence. We have isolated a cDNA clone (pRNG alpha 2) encoding a rat alpha 2-adrenergic receptor. A rat kidney cDNA library was screened with an oligonucleotide complementary to a highly conserved region found in all biogenic amine receptors described to date. The deduced amino acid sequence displays many features of guanyl nucleotide-binding protein-coupled receptors except it does not have a consensus N-linked glycosylation site near the amino terminus. Membranes prepared from COS cells transfected with pRNG alpha 2 DNA display high affinity and saturable binding to [3H]rauwolscine (Kd = 2 nM). Competition curve data analysis shows that RNG alpha 2 protein binds to a variety of adrenergic drugs with the following rank order of potency: yohimbine greater than or equal to chlorpromazine greater than or equal to prazosin greater than or equal to clonidine greater than norepinephrine greater than or equal to oxymetazoline. RNG alpha 2 RNA accumulates in both rat kidney and neonatal rat lung (predominant species is 4000 nucleotides). When a cysteine residue (Cys-169) that is conserved among all members of the seven-transmembrane-region superfamily is changed to phenylalanine, the RNG alpha 2 protein fails to bind [3H]rauwolscine after expression in COS cells. We conclude that pRNG alpha 2 likely represents a cDNA for a rat alpha 2B-adrenergic receptor.[1]


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