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Murine embryonal carcinoma cell-surface sialyl LeX is present on a novel glycoprotein and on high-molecular-weight lactosaminoglycan.

Carbohydrate-specific monoclonal antibodies were used to demonstrate the expression of a new membrane glycoprotein on F9 murine embryonal carcinoma cells. Sialyl LeX was detected using monoclonal antibody FH6 in a sensitive, cell monolayer radioimmunoassay. The antigen codistributed in gel filtration of a crude homogenate and in a membrane-enriched fraction with two known lactosaminoglycan markers, i and SSEA-1 ( LeX or X hapten). Sialyl LeX was further shown to be carried by a novel glycoprotein, termed small lactosaminoglycan-like glycoprotein (sLAG) which could be purified by immunoaffinity chromatography. In two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis this glycoprotein had an apparent molecular weight of 45 kDa and a pI of about 6. 5. The more differentiated cell line PYS-2 also expressed sialyl LeX and i antigens but not LeX, and FH6-reactive sLAG could be extracted from PYS-2 membranes. Sialylation of fucosylated type 2 carbohydrate chains (X haptens) thus may be an early modification of embryonic carbohydrate antigens.[1]


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