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Adenosine-induced increase in myocardial adenine nucleotides without adenosine-induced systemic hypotension.

In anaesthetized rabbits, the i.v. application of 1% adenosine (Ado) for 3 hours at a rate of 4 ml X h-1 X kg-1 body weight increased the myocardial tissue levels of adenine nucleotides (AN) above the normal values by 39%. This increase in ATP and the sum of AN is a metabolic effect of the continuous and high supply of Ado and does not result from the Ado-induced systemic hypotension: Neither a comparable hypotension and reduction of circulatory work induced by phentolamine nor a massive volume loading caused changes in the AN. The compensation of the Ado-induced hypotension by a simultaneous i.v. application of caffeine or xylometazoline did not interfere with the accumulation of AN. The increase in AN was less pronounced, if norepinephrine was infused to maintain normotension. The increase in AN occurred in left and right ventricular myocardium to a similar extent, although the pressure-volume-work of the left ventricle decreased, and that of the right ventricle increased during Ado-application.[1]


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