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The preputial gland of the Japanese serow Capricornis crispus: ultrastructure and lectin histochemistry.

Preputial glands of the Japanese serow were found to consist of the modified sebaceous gland and apocrine gland in both sexes. In the modified sebaceous gland, cells transformed gradually toward the lumen from plentiful cytoplasm to a sponge-like network. Lipid droplets were observed in mitochondria of differentiating cells. By lectin histochemistry, differentiating cells were stained with Arachis hypogaea (PNA), Triticum vulgaris (WGA) and Canavalia ensiformis (Con A) lectins, while secretory cells of the apocrine gland revealed various stainings with PNA, Glycine max, Dolichos biflorus, WGA and Con A lectins. These findings suggest that glycoconjugates may have an active function in the preputial gland.[1]


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