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Molecular cloning and characterization of homeo-box-containing genes from Atlantic salmon.

As the most primitive group among vertebrates, fish might serve as a model system when studying the genetic regulation of embryogenesis in higher animals. To identify genes important for early development, we have constructed a genomic library from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and screened it with homeobox-containing probes from Drosophila melanogaster. Five different salmon homeoboxes were isolated. Two of these were located in the same clone, separated by only 7.5 kb. This demonstrates the presence of clustered homeobox genes in fish. The two clustered homeoboxes were sequenced and shown to be closely related to the ANT-C/BX-C class of Drosophila, being about 80% homologous to the Ultrabithorax gene (Ubx) homeobox. One of the clustered genes appears to be the salmon equivalent of the mouse Hox-2.1 gene, indicating that some of the vertebrate homeobox-containing genes are conserved in evolution. A more diverged homeobox that shares only 60% homology with Ubx, was also sequenced. In analogy to Drosophila, therefore, the salmon genome contains more than one class of homeoboxes. In addition, Northern-blot experiments demonstrated that two of the homeobox genes are expressed in salmon embryos, suggesting their importance for proper development.[1]


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