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Nucleotide sequence of the gene for cytochrome b558 of the Bacillus subtilis succinate dehydrogenase complex.

The nucleotide sequence was determined for the first part of the Bacillus subtilis sdh operon. An open reading frame corresponding to the structural gene, sdhA, for cytochrome b558 was identified. The predicted molecular weight of the cytochrome (excluding the N-terminal methionine) is 22,770. It is a very hydrophobic protein with five probable membrane-spanning segments. There is little homology between the B. subtilis cytochrome b558 and cytochrome b of mitochondrial complex III from different organisms or between cytochrome b558 and the hydrophobic sdhC and sdhD peptides of the Escherichia coli sdh operon. About 30 bases downstream of the sdhA stop codon, a new open reading frame starts. The nucleotide sequence predicts the presence of a typical flavin-binding peptide which identifies this reading frame as part of the sdhB gene. Seven bases upstream of the sdhA initiation codon ATG there is a typical B. subtilis ribosome binding site (free energy of interaction, -63 kJ), and further upstream, tentative sigma 55 and sigma 32 promoter sequences were found. The upstream region also contains two 12-base-long direct repeats; their significance is unknown.[1]


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