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Central nervous system action of calcitonin gene-related peptide to inhibit gastric emptying in the conscious rat.

The central nervous system action of rat alpha-calcitonin gene-related peptide (alpha-CGRP) on gastric emptying of a liquid, noncaloric, methylcellulose solution was assessed in 24-hr fasted, conscious rats using phenol red method as a marker. Intracisternal injection of alpha-CGRP (0.75-250 pmol) dose-dependently inhibited gastric emptying by 27-94% as measured 20 min after oral administration of the solution. The ED50 was 6.2 pmol. alpha-CGRP injected intravenously at 250 pmol delayed gastric emptying by 71% whereas a lower dose (75 pmol) was inactive. Intracisternal alpha-CGRP-induced inhibition of gastric emptying was completely abolished by bilateral adrenalectomy and partially suppressed by subdiaphragmatic vagotomy or coeliac/superior mesenteric ganglionectomy. Adrenalectomy or vagotomy in saline-treated animals did not significantly modify the rate of gastric emptying whereas coeliac/superior mesenteric ganglionectomy caused a significant 29% inhibition as compared to the nonoperated group. These results demonstrate that alpha-CGRP is a potent centrally acting inhibitor of gastric emptying of a nonnutrient liquid. The inhibitory effect of intracisternal injection of CGRP appears to be mediated by the adrenal gland and in part by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.[1]


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