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  • In the growing group, 8 weeks after ganglionectomy, the denervated arteries showed mean decreases in tissue weight (11%), total wall thickness (12+), cross-sectional area of media (17%), contractility (16%), and increases in the tangential modulus of elasticity and sensitivity to NE (2.3-fold) compared to the contralateral control vessels [25].
  • However, this pressor response could be counteracted by intravenous propranolol (n = 5) or by bilateral stellate ganglionectomy (n = 3) [26].
  • The 5-HT-mediated effect on inositol phosphates is unaffected by superior cervical ganglionectomy [27].
  • The effect of noradrenaline, which also stimulates inositol phosphate accumulation (but via alpha 1-adrenergic receptors in the iris-ciliary body), was elevated following superior cervical ganglionectomy [27].
  • There was no effect of coeliac ganglionectomy on pancreatic response to ethanol 1 g/kg [28].

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