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Efficacy of mouthrinses in inhibiting dental plaque and gingivitis in man.

The aim of the present trial was to determine the effect of different mouthwash preparations used as supplements to regular oral hygiene measures on dental plaque and gingivitis in humans. 96 volunteers were recruited for the study. Following a baseline examination, each subject was given a careful prophylaxis, following which the mouthrinse regimens were initiated. During the 6 weeks of trial, the subjects continued to exercise their regular non-supervised, self-performed plaque control measures. The 96 volunteers were assigned either to 1 or 3 different treatment groups or to a control group according to a randomized code. The members of the control group and the listerine group rinsed with 20 ml of the mouthrinse for 30 s, twice daily, while the members of the chlorhexidine groups (using either a 0.2% or a 0.1% solution) rinsed with 10 ml of the antiseptic solution for 60 s twice daily. Examinations regarding extrinsic stain and plaque were performed at baseline and after 3 and 6 weeks, while the conditions of the gingiva were examined at baseline and after 6 weeks. Extrinsic stain was evaluated using the Lobene index, plaque was assessed by the Turesky modification of Quigley-Hein index and the gingival condition was examined using the gingival index system of Loe & Silness. The results of the trial demonstrated that the 3 active mouthwash preparations used as supplements to regular tooth cleaning measures markedly improved both the oral hygiene status and the gingival conditions of the participating human volunteers, compared to the control rinse.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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