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Purification and tissue distribution of a small protein (BM-40) extracted from a basement membrane tumor.

A novel acidic glycoprotein, BM-40, with Mr = 40,000, was purified from the basement-membrane-producing mouse EHS tumor and characterized with regard to its unique chemical and antigenic properties. It was obtained from the tumor in a neutral salt-soluble form or as a component requiring extraction with 6M guanidine X HCl. This protein could also be identified in many other tissue extracts and cell and tissue cultures. The most intact form of BM-40 consists of a single polypeptide chain which undergoes limited proteolysis during extraction and purification. BM-40 exists in most tissues in stoichiometric amounts compared to other basement membrane proteins (laminin, nidogen) and is secreted by various teratocarcinoma and epithelial cells. It can be visualized by immunofluorescence in the extracellular matrix of the EHS tumor and Reichert's membrane. Other tissues which contain extractable BM-40 were negative in immunofluorescence.[1]


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