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The distinction of different types of cytochromes P-450 from the yeasts Candida tropicalis and Saccharomyces uvarum.

The distinction between two types of cytochromes P-450 originating from microsomes of Candida tropicalis grown on glucose and on alkane was achieved. Criteria of differentiation between these two cytochrome P-450 forms were based on the characteristics of reduced carbon monoxide difference spectra, on substrate specificity, and on binding and inhibition kinetics of the fungistatic compound propiconazole. One cytochrome P-450 form catalyzed the 14 alpha-demethylation of lanosterol and bound propiconazole with an equimolar ratio. This form was present in microsomes from glucose-grown cells and shared similar characteristics with the cytochrome P-450 originating from Saccharomyces uvarum grown on the same carbon source. The other cytochrome P-450 form catalyzed the terminal hydroxylation of aliphatic hydrocarbons and showed a less specific binding ratio with propiconazole (10(3) mol propiconazole for 1 mol cytochrome P-450). This type of cytochrome P-450 was only present in the microsomes of C. tropicalis grown on alkane.[1]


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