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Chemical Compound Review

Euphol     4,4,10,13,14-pentamethyl-17- (6-methylhept...

Synonyms: TIRUCALLOL, Euphadienol, AGN-PC-00B5Y1, SureCN1952146, NSC-36571, ...
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Disease relevance of lanosterol

  • Thus, the contents of the two lathosterols and the two methostenols were clearly higher in the gallstones, whereas lanosterol stayed almost totally, and other minor sterols were preferentially, in the bile [1].
  • Thus, for elimination of both of the 4-methyl groups of lanosterol, the 10 individual reactions catalyzed in this multicomponent system are identical in liver and hepatoma 7777 microsomes, and the rate-determining stop for both liver and hepatoma is the inital oxidative attack on the 4alpha-methyl group of cholesterol procursors [2].
  • Expression of the M. capsulatus MCCYP51FX fusion in Escherichia coli yielded a P450, which, when purified to homogeneity, had the predicted molecular mass approximately 62 kDa on SDS/PAGE and bound lanosterol as a putative substrate [3].
  • Sterols in membranes: growth characteristics and membrane properties of Mycoplasma capricolum cultured on cholesterol and lanosterol [4].
  • Mechanisms of resistance to azoles in Candida albicans, the main etiologic agent of oropharyngeal candidiasis (OPC), include alterations in the target enzyme (lanosterol demethylase) and increased efflux of drug [5].

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