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Reactions of lipoamide dehydrogenase and glutathione reductase with arsonic acids and arsonous acids.

Lipoamide dehydrogenase reacts irreversibly with arsonous acids, RAs(OH)2, and arsonic acids, RAs(O)(OH)2, to form enzyme-inhibitor complexes. The formation of inactive enzyme requires NADH and is kinetically first order in the presence of excess arsonous acid. The second-order rate constant for formation of the enzyme-inhibitor complex was 545 min-1 M-1 for phenylarsonous acid, C6H5As(OH)2, and 5640 min-1 M-1 for methanearsonous acid, CH3As(OH)2. The kinetics of formation of inactive enzyme in the presence of arsonic acids was found to obey a rate law predicted by a two-step mechanism in which a rate-limiting reduction of an arsonic acid to the corresponding arsonous acid by reduced enzyme, E(SH)2, preceded formation of an inactive binary complex of reduced enzyme and arsonous acid: ES2 + NADH + H+ = E(SH)2 + NAD+; E(SH)2 + RAs(O)(OH)2 = ES2 + RAs(OH)2 + H2O; and E(SH)2 + RAs(OH)2 = ES2AsR + 2H2O. GSSG reductase reacts reversibly with C6H5As(OH)2 to form an inactive binary addition compound in the presence of NADPH. The value of the association constant for formation of enzyme inhibitor complex at pH 7.0 was 119 M-1. The initial rate of the GSSG reductase-catalyzed oxidation of NADPH by GSSG was insensitive to MeAs(OH)2. The kinetics of inhibition of GSSG reductase by arsenite and C6H5As(O)(OH)2 were found to obey the rate law described for lipoamide dehydrogenase and arsonic acids. GSSG reductase catalyzed the oxidation of NADPH by p-arsanilic acid. The initial rate of oxidation of NADPH was linearly dependent on enzyme concentration. The turnover number for GSSG reductase with p-arsanilic acid as an oxidant was 0.13 mol NADPH mol FAD-1 min-1.[1]


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