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Gene Review

GSR  -  glutathione reductase

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: GLUR, GR, GRD1, GRase, Glutathione reductase, mitochondrial
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Disease relevance of GSR


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Chemical compound and disease context of GSR


Biological context of GSR


Anatomical context of GSR


Associations of GSR with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of GSR

  • GSHPx coupled to reduced nicotine adenine diphosphate (NADPH) regenerating systems via glutathione reductase is virtually able to guarantee an effective protection of biological structures against oxidative attack (22) [34].
  • The topologies and spatial arrangements of these two domains are remarkably similar to the FAD- and NADPH-binding domains of glutathione reductase [35].

Enzymatic interactions of GSR


Regulatory relationships of GSR


Other interactions of GSR

  • We show that three of the markers examined--D8S339 and both polymorphisms in the GSR locus--show strong statistically significant evidence of disequilibrium with WRN in the Japanese population but not in the Caucasian population [22].
  • No differences in levels of glutathione, catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione S-transferase, or glutathione reductase were noted in MCF-GPX-6 cells compared to MCF-7WT cells [43].
  • The enzyme activities of the three permanent cell lines were either higher (SOD, catalase, GR) or lower (GST, GPx) than in the primary cell cultures [25].
  • In order to estimate the ability of the cultures to produce NADPH (an important component of cellular redox status and a cofactor for GR), we determined glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity and mRNA abundance [44].
  • One hour photolysis of the human lens WS fraction under anaerobic conditions yielded an almost complete inactivation of GR, but only an 18% loss of G3PD activity [45].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GSR


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