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Inhibition of endometrial carcinoma cell cultures by a synthetic androgen.

This paper describes the dose-response inhibitory effects of a synthetic androgen, methyltrienolone, on the growth of a grade II endometrial adenocarcinoma in vitro. Derived from a nude mouse heterotransplant, this cell line has maintained the morphological characteristics of the original human tumor, remains tumorigenic in the nude mouse, forms colonies on soft agar, and exhibits low levels of estrogen receptors. Data reported in this paper indicate that the cells contain androgen binding sites. At low doses of 0.25 micrograms/ml methyltrienolone had no effect on these cells, whereas at 1.0 and 10.0 micrograms/ml there was significant dose dependent inhibition of cell growth and an increase in the cell doubling time. Both testosterone and dihydrotestosterone were not inhibitory to the cells except at high doses where inhibition was slight. Methyltrienolone was not inhibitory to normal human foreskin fibroblast cultures tested as a control for cytotoxicity of the synthetic androgen. These data suggest that androgens may play a role in the treatment of tumors not responsive to conventional forms of hormonal therapy.[1]


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