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Substrate-level energy dependence of acid secretion in the isolated human gastric mucosa.

The substrate-level energy dependence of acid secretion was investigated in the human gastric mucosa in vitro using biopsy specimens obtained during fiberoptic gastroscopy in symptomatic patients. The oxygen consumption and the accumulation of aminopyrine were used as indexes of secretory activity. Basal and histamine-stimulated oxygen uptake by fundic biopsy specimens were not affected by medications (pethidine and diazepam) administered during gastroscopy. Under substrate-depleted conditions, the oxygen consumption and the aminopyrine accumulation of fundic mucosa were not significantly increased by histamine. Stimulation of functional activities by gastric secretagogues was observed only in the presence of exogenous substrates. The ability of various substrates to support acid formation in the presence of gastric secretagogues was evaluated. Carbohydrates were found to be effective substrates in supporting the functional responses of the tissue, with glucose being the most effective. Propionate, butyrate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and octanoate were ineffective as substrates. Glucose by itself, but not butyrate, significantly increased oxygen uptake and aminopyrine accumulation. The results suggest that the human gastric mucosa, in vitro, has an absolute requirement for metabolic substrates to support secretory responses and that carbohydrates seem to be the preferential substrates.[1]


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