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Safety and effectiveness of ticarcillin plus clavulanate potassium in treatment of lower respiratory tract infections.

The safety and effectiveness of ticarcillin plus clavulanate potassium was evaluated in an open study of 43 patients with community-acquired lower respiratory tract infections. The mean age of the 28 patients in whom bacteriologic evaluations were possible was 55 years; at least two thirds of the patients had a history of alcoholism or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A pathogen was isolated from sputum samples in 23 patients; five of these 23 also had documented bacteremia. There were five additional cases of bacteremia associated with clinical signs and symptoms of pneumonia but with no organisms isolated from sputum cultures. Thirty-five pathogens were isolated from the 33 evaluable infection sites, primarily Streptococcus pneumoniae and Hemophilus influenzae. S. pneumoniae was the causative organism in all 10 cases of bacteremia. Ticarcillin plus clavulanate potassium (3 g of ticarcillin and 100 mg of clavulanic acid) was administered intravenously for a mean of six days. All 35 organisms isolated before treatment were eradicated. In one patient a superinfection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa developed after treatment with ticarcillin plus clavulanate potassium. A clinical evaluation was possible for 32 of the 33 infection sites; clinical cure was achieved at 31 sites and improvement was seen at the other site. All 43 patients were monitored for adverse reactions by both clinical observation and laboratory tests. In one patient, reversible thrombocytopenia developed that required discontinuation of ticarcillin plus clavulanate potassium. In another patient, there was a slight decrease in the potassium level during therapy. No systemic adverse reactions occurred, nor was there any instance of local effects associated with the intravenous infusion of the drug.[1]


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