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Dose-response studies on tolerance to multiple doses of secobarbital and methaqualone in a polydrug abuse population.

Patients from a polydrug abuse treatment program were titrated with either secobarbital or methaqualone, their primary drug of abuse, to a state of mild intoxication, consisting of lateral and vertical nystagmus, ataxia, slurred speech, and drownsiness. The mean dose required to produce each sign was compared to that determined in a similarly treated control group. Tolerance to secobarbital was more easily demonstrated than tolerance to methaqualone, and nystagmus was the least sensitive indicator of patient tolerance. The individual signs were also cumulated into a graded rating scale of central nervous system depression which would be related to the dose administered. Tolerence was easily demonstrated at the higher stages of toxicity for secobarbital in the overall patient population, but tolerance to methaqualone was only unequivocal in the subjects indicating a relatively high frequency of abuse. Tolerance to methaqualone occurred at the lower stages of toxicity, suggesting that there is a difference between tolerance to secobarbital and tolerance to methaqualone. There was no indication that patients who also abuse alcohol are more tolerant than their patient counterparts. The patients who also had a history of amphetamine abuse, however, were less tolerant than the nonusers of these drugs.[1]


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