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Chemical Compound Review

Quaalude     2-methyl-3-(2- methylphenyl)quinazolin-4-one

Synonyms: Cateudyl, Dormigoa, Dormogen, Dormutil, Dorsedin, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of Ortonal


Biological context of Ortonal

  • The major biotransformation of methaqualone under therapeutic conditions occurred through benzylic and para-hydroxylation of the o-tolyl moiety [18].
  • 2 The apparent first order rate constants for the formation of five C-monohydroxy metabolites of methaqualone on day 15 of the menstrual cycle were approximately double that on day 1 [19].
  • Correlation between dissolution rate and bioavailability was shown in freshly prepared methaqualone tablet formulations [20].
  • Hydroxylation of the tolyl moiety of methaqualone probably occurs by way of an epoxide intermediate [21].
  • The major monohydroxyl metabolites of methaqualone detected in human urine after enzymic hydrolysis were I, II, 2-methyl-3-(3'-hydroxy-2'-methylphenyl)-4(3H)-quinazolinone (III), and 2-methyl-3-(4'-hydroxy-2'-methylphenyl)-4(3H)-quinazolinone (IV) [21].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ortonal


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