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Pulmonary hemorrhage and edema due to inhalation of resins containing tri-mellitic anhydride.

Seven young men developed acute pulmonary hemorrhage and edema from the inhalation of powder or fumes of a bisphenol epoxy resin containing tri-mellitic anhydride (TMA) while working in a steel pipe-coating plant. The illness was characterized by cough, hemoptysis, dyspnea, fever, weakness and nausea or vomiting. Chest roentgenograms showed either a bilateral or unilateral pulmonary infiltrate. All patients had a normochromic type of anemia. Pulmonary function studies demonstrated a restrictive defect, hypoxemia, and increased A-a DO2 gradients. Light and electron microscopic studies of lung tissue revealed extensive bleeding into alveoli but no basement membrane deposits were seen and no antiglomerular basement membrane antibodies were detected. The patients improved quickly without treatment. Follow-up studies of six patients three weeks to one year after their illness revealed apparent recovery. A detailed medical survey carried out on all 29 workers currently employed in the plant revealed five additional men had experienced severe recurrent pulmonary problems.[1]


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