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Combination chemotherapy (COMP protocol) and radiotherapy of anaplastic supratentorial gliomas.

Postoperative survival time and recurrence-free intervals in 116 consecutive patients with supratentorial grade III and IV gliomas (glioblastomas, gliosarcomas, anaplastic astrocytomas, and ependymomas) were compared in unselected groups receiving different forms of treatment. Postoperative high-voltage radiotherapy (31 patients, dosage 4,000--6,000 rads) and combined chemotherapy consisting of CCNU, vincristine, amethopterine, and procarbazine in 15-day circles (COMP protocol) (12 patients) showed the same median survival time of 10.6 months and comparable recurrence-free intervals of 6.8 and 7.0 months, respectively. These results were significantly different from a control group (39 patients) receiving best postoperative supportive (conventional) care (median survival 5.4 months, free interval 3.7 months). Combination of postoperative radiotherapy with simultaneous polychemotherapy (COMP protocol), evaluated in 18 patients, did not significantly change the recurrence-free interval (median 7.0 months), but increased the median survival time to 12.9 months, which was significantly superior to the two other treatment groups. The toxic side effects of COMP therapy were moderate and essentially haematological. In general, simultaneous radiation and chemical treatment was well tolerated after major tumour resection. These preliminary results of postoperative combination of radiation and polychemotherapy for anaplastic supratentorial gliomas appear encouraging, but further trials for optimization of combined therapeutic strategies are warranted.[1]


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