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Impaired adenylate cyclase activity of phenylhydrazine-induced reticulocytes.

A method which involves Percoll gradient centrifugation, is described for separating rabbit reticulocytes from other blood cells, including erythrocytes. This permits a quantitative comparison of the adenylate cyclase activity of reticulocyte membranes which had been induced either by bleeding (30% reticulocytosis) or by repeated injections of phenylhydrazine (90% reticulocytosis). Adenylate cyclase activity was greatly impaired on exposure to the hemolytic agent; total activity was reduced about 20-fold. However, a more selective loss was observed in terms of hormonal stimulation. Prostaglandin E1 was 2-fold more effective than either sodium fluoride or Forskolin in stimulating the enzyme from bled reticulocytes, whereas it was 3-fold less effective than either fluoride or Forskolin in the case of membranes from animals which had been exposed to phenylhydrazine. A stimulatory adenosine receptor was detectable only in reticulocytes which had not been treated with the hemolytic agent. These studies suggest that purified reticulocytes from bled animals represent the most suitable model system in which to study the maturation of red blood cells.[1]


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