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Cardiovascular effects of tiapamil (Ro 11-1781), a new calcium-entry blocker.

We studied the hemodynamic effects of the new calcium antagonist tiapamil (Ro 11-1781) in anesthetized open-chest dogs and compared them with those of verapamil. Increasing doses of tiapamil injected intravenously caused the following hemodynamic effects: increase in coronary flow and decrease in coronary vascular resistance, followed by decreases in heart rate, blood pressure, and total peripheral resistance. Tiapamil did not depress myocardial contractility over a rather wide dose range, while verapamil did. Tiapamil was more effective in increasing coronary flow than verapamil. Cardiac autonomic denervation did not modify the tiapamil-induced decrease in coronary vascular resistance and did not cause tiapamil to display negative inotropism. Both tiapamil and verapamil reduced the extent of S-T segment elevation in the epicardial electrocardiogram produced by transient occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery. Neither drug had this effect when heart rate was kept constant by atrial pacing. In contrast to nitroglycerin, tiapamil dilated small but not large coronary arteries. Tiapamil raised PO2 relatively more in the subendocardial than in the subepicardial layers of the myocardium. The hemodynamic and electrocardiographic effects of tiapamil were not changed by diphenylhydantoin and disopyramide or by pindolol, a beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity. However, the decreases in heart rate and blood pressure in response to propranolol were enhanced by tiapamil.[1]


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