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Interferon and antibody titrations using haemagglutinating Togaviridae and trypsinized human erythrocytes.

Several Togaviridae of the alphavirus and flavivirus genera agglutinate trypsinized human group O erythrocytes (THOE) (Shortridge and Hu, 1976). Haemagglutinin titers of Semliki Forest virus (SFV) and Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) measured with THOE were equivalent to, if not higher than, those obtained with Embden gander erythrocytes, even with unextracted haemagglutinin. Results obtained with THOE in JEV haemagglutination-inhibition tests on sera taken from a previously infected individual over a 20-yr period were similar to those measured during the initial JEV infection. The inhibition of SFV haemagglutinin production as measured with THOE was a very sensitive bioassay for chicken interferon: interferon titers were 6- to 10-fold higher than those obtained with the vesicular stomatitis virus plaque-reduction method. The generally greater availability of human erythrocytes (including those stabilized with glutaraldehyde), the simplicity of the trypsin treatment, and the possibility of using unextracted haemagglutinin recommend this technique for use with haemagglutinating Togaviridae.[1]


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