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Gonadotrophic stimulation of androgen secretion by the early fetal pig ovary in organ culture.

An influence of gonadotropins on steroid secretion by the early fetal ovary of the domestic pig was shown by organ culture and radioimmunoassay. Gonads from fetuses at Days 32-37 of gestation were cultivated singly for 9-12 days in biologically supplemented medium. One member of each pair of gonads was exposed to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) or ovine luteinizing hormone (LH), and the other served as a control. A marked stimulating effect on androgen secretion was noted with both gonadotropins. The major androgen found was androstenedione, with secretion rates of greater than 200 ng/gonad per 24 h for some explants exposed to hCG. Little or no androstenedione production occurred unless gonadotropin had been added to the culture medium. Lesser amounts of testosterone (usually less than 5% of the total of androstenedione and testosterone) were present. The data demonstrate a remarkable latent capacity for androgen biosynthesis by the early fetal pig ovary.[1]


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