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Metastasizing fibrosarcomas in hamsters ( BMH) after injection of B77 sarcoma virus transformed mouse cells.

Injection of virogenic mouse cells B77-1026 into newborn Syrian hamsters resulted in arising of progressively growing autochthonous fibrosarcomas. From hamster tumors five stable tumor cell lines ( BMH/1--BMH/5) were established in vitro. All cells of the newly established tumor cell lines had hamster karyotype, they were able to grow in soft agar and did not contain rescuable B77 viral genome. BMH tumor cells injected into syngeneic newborn as well as young adult hamsters produced tumors at the site of application and metastasized frequently into viscera. From metastases in different organs further tumor cell lines and single cell clones were established in vitro. All these tumor cell lines and clones exhibited higher metastatic capacity than the parent cell lines.[1]


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