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The mouse Rn locus: S allele of the renin regulator gene results from a single structural gene duplication.

Inbred strains of mice have been divided into two distinct phenotypic groups having different levels of renin activity regulated by androgen in the submaxillary gland (SMG). Strains carrying the Rnrs allele of the renin gene regulator, located on chromosome 1, have a high level of renin activity; strains carrying the Rnrb allele have a low level of renin activity. The level of SMG renin activity correlates with the level of renin mRNA. We have analyzed, by Southern blot hybridization, the organization of renin genes in both strains. Strains carrying the Rnrb allele, such as BALB/c or C57 Bl/6, or CH3 mice, have one renin structural gene per haploid genome, while those having the Rnrs allele, such as AKR or Swiss mice, have two renin genes. We have also identified renin genes in mice belonging to different biochemical groups: Mus spretus has one renin gene while M. vrania and M. musculus brevirostris have two renin genes.[1]


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