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Nucleotide sequence of the regulatory region of malB operons in E. coli.

The nucleotide sequence of a cloned section of the Escherichia coli chromosome containing the promoter regions of the malB divergent operons was determined. The region of the proximal gene, malE of the malEFG operon, was identified on the basis of the known amino acid sequence of the precursor molecule of maltose-binding protein. The region of malK, the proximal gene of the malKlamB operon, was deduced from the observation that a cloned segment contains an amino-terminal portion of the malK gene. The non-coding region between malE and malK is 299 base pairs long and contains two long GC clusters. Another feature of this region that may be related to the regulation of gene expression is the presence of two palindromic structures between the GC clusters. The DNA regions binding to cyclic AMP binding protein were determined by a method using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The sites are thought to be located close to GC clusters.[1]


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