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Osmoregulation in Klebsiella pneumoniae: enhancement of anaerobic growth and nitrogen fixation under stress by proline betaine, gamma-butyrobetaine, and other related compounds.

Exogenous proline betaine ( stachydrine or N- dimethylproline ) or gamma-butyrobetaine (gamma-trimethylaminobutyrate), at a concentration as low as 1 mM, were found to stimulate the growth rate of Klebsiella pneumoniae, wild type M5A1 , in media of inhibitory osmotic strength (0.8 M NaC1). Simultaneously, nitrogen fixation by whole cells, a process particularly sensitive to osmotic stress, was strongly enhanced by these compounds. However, in the absence of sodium chloride, both the growth and nitrogen fixation were not affected by the addition of the methylammonium derivatives in the medium. The sensitivity of the nitrogen fixation to osmotic stress was used as a bioassay to evaluate the potentiality of osmoprotective compound in relation to the number of methyl groups on the nitrogen atom of glycine, proline, and gamma-aminobutyrate. Experiments with sarcosine ( monomethylglycine ), dimethylglycine, and glycine betaine ( trimethylglycine ), or experiments with mono- and di- methylproline or gamma-mono-, gamma-di, gamma-tri- methylaminobutyrate , indicated that the greatest stress tolerance was always obtained with the more N-methylated compounds.[1]


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