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Distribution and movement of sterols with different side chain structures between the two leaflets of the membrane bilayer of mycoplasma cells.

Mycoplasma gallisepticum was adapted to grow with delta 5-sterols modified in the aliphatic side chain, and stopped-flow kinetic measurements of filipin association were made to estimate the sterol distribution between the two leaflets of the membrane. Cholesterol derivatives with unsaturated side chains (desmosterol, cis- and trans-22-dehydrocholesterol, and cholesta-5,22E,24-trien-3 beta-ol) or an alkyl substituent (beta-sitosterol) were predominantly (86-94%) localized in the outer leaflet of the bilayer. However, cholesterol, 20-isocholesterol, and sterols with side chains of varying lengths (in the 20(R)-n-alkylpregn-5-en-3 beta-ol series where the alkyl group ranged from ethyl to undecyl) were distributed nearly symmetrically between the two halves of the bilayer. Kinetic measurements of beta-[14C]sitosterol and [14C]desmosterol exchange between M. gallisepticum cells and an excess of sonicated sterol/phosphatidylcholine vesicles confirmed the filipin-binding studies. More than 90% of these radiolabeled sterols underwent exchange at 37 degrees C with unlabeled sterols in vesicles over a period of 12-14 h in the presence of 2% (w/v) albumin. beta-[14C]Sitosterol exchange was characterized by biphasic exchange kinetics, indicative of two pools of sitosterol molecules in the cell membrane. Only a single kinetic pool was detected for [14C]desmosterol exchange. Stopped flow measurements of filipin binding to beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol also revealed an asymmetrical localization of these sterols in membranes of growing Mycoplasma. capricolum cells. When an early exponential culture of beta-sitosterol- or stigmasterol-adapted M. capricolum was transferred to a sterol-rich medium at 37 degrees C, approximately three-quarters of the beta-sitosterol or stigmasterol was localized in the outer leaflet after growth was continued for 6 h; in contrast, cholesterol was distributed symmetrically after about 1 h. The asymmetric localization of sterols with alkylated or unsaturated side chains suggests that growth-supporting sterols need not be translocated extensively into the inner leaflet of the bilayers of M. gallisepticum and M. capricolum.[1]


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